CLEAR does not advocate, condone, or encourage breaking the law. It exists to promote a change in the law by legitimate means. All information on this website should be viewed in this context.

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An analysis of the medicinal cannabis storyline on Coronation Street
The story of alcohol prohibition in 1920's America - Three episodes
An examination of the failings of prohibition – three episodes – In the UK, In the USA – Global. Channel 4
Part of the Dangerous Pleasures season on BBC3

Alphabetical Index Of Videos

Fascinating documentary about the tiny Himalayan village of Malana, from where comes the world’s finest hashish.
Part 1: See the lengths people will go to get it and discover exactly where it comes from.
Part 2: The casualties of the drugs trade, including a 14-year-old addict who has convictions for burglary to fund his habit and a Vietnamese teenager smuggled into Britain by lorry to work in British cannabis farms to supply the huge demand.
BBC2 Horizon Cannabis, it’s merely a plant, a wild weed. But it produces a range of effects that is unmatched. To some, it’s a blissful release, while for others it’s something that seems to have unravelled their minds, and emptied their lives.
Insightful documentary on the war on drugs, the nature of consciousness and the failed policy of prohibition.
A BBC3 (9th October 2013) studio debate
BBC 3 studio debate, 9th October 2013 Featuring Micheal, a CLEAR member
The growth of cannabis home growing in the UK – BBC Scotland
This series uses visual effects and CGI and, for the first time ever, takes the viewer on an entire trip from start to finish inside the human body.
2007 The medical use of marijuana is examined from every side of a very complex issue
These two scenes set up Izzy Armstrong's medicinal cannabis storyline.
This scene establishes the context in which medicinal cannabis will be mentioned by setting up the relationship between Izzy and Erica.
These scenes show Izzy acquiring some medicinal cannabis from Erica, despite her deep misgivings and guilt over breaking the law.
Everyone's at it - How prohibition has failed to prevent drug use
Life and death of a dealer - The supply industry
Birth of a narco state - how the war on drugs is fueling the war on terror
Marc Emery, Canada’s most prominent marijuana legalization activist
1936 American propaganda exploitation film revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try “marijuana”
When Rick discovered that the hemp oil cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge
Journalist Nicky Taylor travels to Amsterdam to investigate the growing debate about the legal classification of cannabis.
Stoned In Suburbia is a social history film, examining the change in people's opinions to cannabis over the past 50 years.
BBC Northern Ireland - The legalisation of cannabis
The story of jack herer
Australian documentary by Anthony Clarke about the history of hemp and thousands of uses, as well as the economic and cultural forces behind its prohibition.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta puts medical marijuana under the microscope again
BC’s illegal marijuana trade industry has evolved into a business giant, dubbed by some involved as ‘The Union"
Waiting to Inhale examines the heated debate over marijuana and its use as medicine in the United States.
From the BBC series “What if…” (2009) This series generally looked at what would happen if we didn’t do something about various current issues.