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Decriminalisation Is A Useful Stepping Stone Towards A Drugs Policy That Will Actually Work

If decriminalisation of drug possession isn't followed up swiftly by legal regulation then it threatens even greater danger than prohibition.

Cannabis Law Reform Is Not About "Getting High"

Colorado, Washington and Uruguay haven't legalised because of badly framed, poorly informed arguments like this.

Stoners Can't Stop Reinforcing Negative Stereotypes

Marches, demos, 'smoke outs', 'smoke ups' and 'smoke ins' don't work. They reinforce all the negative stereotypes that put the public right off.

Matt Smith: But At What Cost? Will Legal Cannabis Lose Its Soul?

With legalisation tantalisingly close, what will be the nature of "Cannabis Culture"?

The Current State And Future Of Cannabis In The UK

Cannabis could be legalised and regulated in the UK by the end of 2015.

Legalise Drugs And You'll Save People's Lives. The Times, 3rd October 2013

Take crime and contaminated supplies out of the equation and the number of deaths will certainly fall.

We Are Close To A Breakthrough On Medicinal Cannabis

Over the summer we have made real progress in our work on medicinal cannabis.

Big News From US On Legalisation Is Even Bigger Than You Think

It moves the US very much closer to federal legalisation - and the whole world will follow.

News Release - Corby By-Election - Cannabis Legalised In Colorado And Washington State

Peter Reynolds said: "Today is an historic day. The people have spoken. No longer does the great immoral evil of prohibition dominate our world."