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The Man Who Smashed UK Cannabis Prohibition – And Looks Set To Do The Same In America.

In the cannabis campaign, it’s virtually compulsory to abuse, defame and promote conspiracy theories about GW Pharmaceuticals

EXCLUSIVE. Norman Baker Interview

Peter Reynolds interviews Norman Baker about drugs policy and his experience of government.

Norman Baker, UK Drugs Minister, Hosts Medicinal Cannabis Conference At Home Office

Representatives from the Home Office, the Department of Health and CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform meet to discuss medicinal cannabis.

While Medicinal Cannabis Flourishes Worldwide, NICE Seeks To Exclude The Only UK Option

The inevitable consequence of this NICE recommendation will be to drive patients back to the illicit cannabis market.

The End Is Nigh For Prohibition

A CLEAR members view on the unfolding law reform debate

News Release - Corby By-Election - Cannabis Legalised In Colorado And Washington State

Peter Reynolds said: "Today is an historic day. The people have spoken. No longer does the great immoral evil of prohibition dominate our world."

The Sativex Scam part 1

This is the first part of a series of articles that will investigate the Sativex Scam, a huge confidence trick perpetrated by GW Pharmaceuticals.

How Will The Murdoch Scandal Affect Drugs Policy?

The creation of myth and the promotion of misinformation by government must cease. Murdoch and his malicious campaign against everything but alcohol and tobacco must finish.

ADHD And Medicinal Cannabis

I am a 33 year old man from Norway. I have ADHD and struggle with chronic panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. No, I don't call cannabis a drug, it's a medical wonder plant.