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Could The Cannabis Patch Make It In The UK?

Victor Hamilton's 'Canniderm' transdermal cannabis patch is a genius idea and is now actually happening in Colorado.

Even Liberal Politicians Base Drugs Policy on Ignorance

Our drugs minister is badly informed, out of touch and ignorant of key facts and evidence.

Horrible Pictures From Hyde Park Cause Dreadful Damage To Cannabis Campaign

If I wanted to plan how to subvert and undermine the campaign, yesterday in Hyde Park would be a good model.

The Current State And Future Of Cannabis In The UK

Cannabis could be legalised and regulated in the UK by the end of 2015.

As 2012 Draws To A Close, Are We Any Closer To Ending The Prohibition of Cannabis?

There are major developments in the US, in Britain, in public opinion and scientific research. Where is it all leading?

What Does 2012 Hold For The Cannabis Campaign?

Probably quite a lot. I expect to see some significant progress both in the UK and abroad.

Home Office Refuses FOI Request Concerning GW Pharma's Cannabis Licence

The Home Office and GW Pharmaceuticals - Partners In Crime

Kathy Gyngell - A Relic Destined For The Museum Of Prohibition

If the Centre for Policy Studies ever does do any work of any value then it is diminished and embarrassed by the appalling travesty of truth that Ms Gyngell's work amounts to. She really should be deeply ashamed of herself.

Could This Be An "Acceptable" Form Of Medicinal Cannabis?

Although cannabis is typically smoked or eaten to reap its medical benefits, it is now possible to focus pain relief to the areas where it is needed by using topical products absorbed through the skin.

Granny's List Updated

Granny's List is the most remarkable reference list of sources relating to information on medicinal cannabis.