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If He Had Been Smoking Cannabis He Wouldn't Have Died Of Cancer

Cannabis protects against the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. So TOKEpure and reduce your risk below those who smoke nothing.

Cannabis Alone Cannot Kill But Coroners Can Return Irrational Verdicts

The verdict in this inquest is clearly unsafe. Other factors such as alcohol, anti depressants, tobacco and possible arterial disease have not been considered.

Is Norman Baker The Man Who Will Finally Make Sense Of UK Drugs Policy?

Britain's drug laws and policy have nothing at all to do with evidence. Baker needs to come to terms with this terrible truth if he is to achieve anything.

Legalise Drugs And You'll Save People's Lives. The Times, 3rd October 2013

Take crime and contaminated supplies out of the equation and the number of deaths will certainly fall.

Smoke-outs again

Are cannabis smoking demos a good idea?

Letter To Jeremy Browne, Drugs Minister, On The Big Booze U-Turn

Today's announcement on alcohol policy shows yet again how irrational the government is about cannabis.

While The Government Cracks Down On Drugs, It Keeps Its Hands Off Big Tobacco And Big Booze

Next time your government tells you 'drugs are illegal because they're harmful' you'll know that they are lying.

Baron Booze 'N' Fags Is 'Not Persuaded' By Arguments For Drug Decriminalsation

Ken Clarke remains implacably opposed to drug law reform whatever the evidence.

Cameron's Irresponsible And Hypocritical Drugs Policy Is a Scandal

Cameron is public enemy number one and he needs to be brought down.

Two Cautionary Tales For The Cannabis Campaign

More "crazy stoner" claims that cannabis cures cancer and foul abuse of a well-intentioned scientist