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Daily Telegraph Forced To Retract False Claim That "Cannabis As Addictive As Heroin"

On 7th October 2014, the UK media indulged in a frenzy of misreporting and reefer madness, claiming that "cannabis as addictive as heroin".

The Mail, Telegraph, Standard And Sky News Are Pushing Your Children Towards Heroin

Are our major media owners, senior journalists and editors so incompetent? I don't think so. I think they know exactly what they are doing.

Cannabis is Neither 'Harmless' Nor 'Dangerous'

Both of these arguments are false. Neither deals honestly with the evidence nor advances the cause of reducing the harms of cannabis and cannabis policy.

The Daily Mail's Hysteria About Cannabis Has Become A British Institution, Just Like Fox Hunting

Throughout Britain, millions of people use cannabis every day, whether for pleasure, relaxation or for dozens of medical conditions for which it is proven to work.

The Daily Telegraph Judged 'Inaccurate, Misleading And Distorted' On Cannabis Reporting

The Press Complaints Commission has upheld CLEAR's complaint about The Daily Telegraph's appalling misreporting in April 2014 of a study on the brains of cannabis users.

The Inside Story On What Could Be The Biggest Ever Shift In UK Drugs Policy

This is the inside story of a campaign that may finally come to fruition in 2014.

What's The Truth Behind The 'Children Addicted To Cannabis' Story?

Despite current policy proving to be disastrous, our government refuses even to consider any change.

While Medicinal Cannabis Flourishes Worldwide, NICE Seeks To Exclude The Only UK Option

The inevitable consequence of this NICE recommendation will be to drive patients back to the illicit cannabis market.

DAILY MAIL. Dangerous, Misguided Scaremongering From Susan Bedack Of SANE

Nothing is worse than lying to young people or their parents about drugs but that is exactly what the Daily Mail does.

Frantic Rearguard Action From Kathy Gyngell, Queen Of The Prohibitionists

The war on drugs is lost and the people won.