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Blatant Dishonesty From King’s College London. Institute Of Psychiatry Untrustworthy.

We simply cannot rely on these so-called eminent scientists to be honest about their work.

The 'Skunk' Scare Is The Best Argument For Legal Regulation Of Cannabis

The media is all behind this narrative - that being the case, all we have to do is quote them

The Daily Mail Uses Terrorism To Promote Its Bizarre Ideology.

The Daily Mail and Jihadi John share the same ideas on how to persuade people to their bizarre and distorted world view

Mail On Sunday Reefer Madness Policy Gamble

The Mail on Sunday picked up from where it left off last week with it's latest version of the "Cannabis makes you mad" hysteria

‘Skunk’ Drives Tabloids And Politicians Mad.

The British tabloid press has long been engaged in the corruption of our society and successive governments’ ability to deal with drugs policy

Daily Mail Highlights the Prohibition Nightmare (albeit unintentionally)

Thanks to the Mail On Sunday, proof that prohibition creates dangers where non existed before