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Psychiatrist Says Cannabis And Schizophrenia Scare Is 'Bunkum'

Dr Trevor Turner interviewed by Jeremy Vine on his BBC Radio 2 show in October 2013.

Professor Sir Robin Murray And The 'Skunk' Studies That Don't Exist

What does Sir Robin mean by studies about 'skunk'?

PCC Complaint. The Independent, 26th - 28th November 2012

I request that this complaint be dealt with in the spirit of the Leveson report, without the bias of editors who frequently publish misinformation about cannabis.

News Release - The Independent's Inaccurate Reporting On Schizophrenia Underlines Necessity For Tougher Press Regulation

In the week of the Leveson report The Independent provided an example of why Britain needs far more effective press regulation.

The Truth About Cannabis That The Independent Refuses To Print

The Independent operates in brazen defiance of 'self-regulation'. It is nothing but a licence for a corrupt press to print whatever it wants.

The Decline Of The Independent

Last week's misleading "Schizophrenia - the cannabis link" series has finally exposed that the Independent is anything but.

Serious Misinformation Published By 'Scotland On Sunday'

A quite ridiculous letter has been published today claiming that "cannabis kills millions annually".

Manchester Metropolitan University Study

MMU are conducting an interesting study that might identify people at risk of developing psychosis through their use of cannabis.

BBC Waterloo Road Goes Reefer Madness Crazy

Its latest storyline, flying in the face of all the scientific evidence, is that cannabis causes schizophrenia. Is this what the BBC calls responsible?

PCC Complaint. The Mail On Sunday, 19th February 2012

The author of this piece, Peter Hitchens, is well known for his extremist views on cannabis.