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EXCLUSIVE. Norman Baker Interview

Peter Reynolds interviews Norman Baker about drugs policy and his experience of government.

House Of Commons, Drugs Policy Debate. VITAL You Write To Your MP

Please don't miss this opportunity! A template letter/email is provided.

Definitive Legal Advice On Medicinal Cannabis In The UK

The current legal position on medicinal cannabis in the UK

Chemist + Druggist: A New Generation Of Drug

Pressure is growing for the government to legalise and fund the use of medicinal cannabis.

The Inside Story On What Could Be The Biggest Ever Shift In UK Drugs Policy

This is the inside story of a campaign that may finally come to fruition in 2014.

Norman Baker, UK Drugs Minister, Hosts Medicinal Cannabis Conference At Home Office

Representatives from the Home Office, the Department of Health and CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform meet to discuss medicinal cannabis.

Could The Cannabis Patch Make It In The UK?

Victor Hamilton's 'Canniderm' transdermal cannabis patch is a genius idea and is now actually happening in Colorado.

Even Liberal Politicians Base Drugs Policy on Ignorance

Our drugs minister is badly informed, out of touch and ignorant of key facts and evidence.

While Medicinal Cannabis Flourishes Worldwide, NICE Seeks To Exclude The Only UK Option

The inevitable consequence of this NICE recommendation will be to drive patients back to the illicit cannabis market.

Dr David Potter. The Biology And Benefits Of Cannabis

He brought a beautiful, flowering white rhino plant with him, its pungent aroma spread through the room.

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