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VIDEO: Peter Reynolds Interviewed About The Cannabis Debate

Peter Reynolds talking about cannabis law reform

UK Government Response To Cannabis Petition: Fatuous, Dishonest And Misleading.

The government’s response to the petition is weak, out of touch with public opinion, evidence and reform that is taking place across the world

CLEAR Radio Interviews August 2015

Peter Reynolds and MUP member Lisa-Marie Marais.

Peter Reynolds Interviewed on Sky News 9th August 2015

Sky News interviews Peter Reynolds about the cannabis petition now before Parliament.

Victoria Derbyshire show, BBC News, 22nd July 2015: The Future For Cannabis Policing In The UK

Peter Reynolds interviewed on the Victoria Derbyshire programme BBC News Channel

CLEAR launches IPSO Complaint Against The Sunday Telegraph

CLEAR launches IPSO complaint regarding the story “Our Police Have Gone To Pot”.

CLEAR Launches IPSO Complaint Against The Times Newspaper.

CLEAR launches IPSO Complaint Against Melanie Philips article: "We'd be off our heads to tolerate cannabis".

Peter Reynolds Steps Down, Roland Gyallay-Pap Appointed Acting Leader of CLEAR.

Peter Reynolds has tendered his resignation as leader of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform.

If you really want to legalise cannabis, then why on earth would you go and get high in a park?

Embarrassing displays of public consumption like the 420 celebrations are not going to lead to meaningful drug reform, but I know what will

Medicinal Cannabis: The Evidence.

6th April 2015 - CLEAR publishes ‘Medicinal Cannabis:The Evidence’, a comprehensive and up to date review of the evidence supporting the