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EXCLUSIVE. Norman Baker Interview

Peter Reynolds interviews Norman Baker about drugs policy and his experience of government.

The Calculating Peter Hitchens Lays His Next Landmine

Never make the mistake of thinking Peter Hitchens is a mad man. He knows exactly what he's doing.

BBC Complaint. Newsnight, 16th December 2013

Is it only bizarre comedians and washed up soap stars the BBC will allow to spek on drug policy reform?

What Peter Hitchens Missed

'This house believes cannabis should be legalised', Keele University

No Mr Hitchens, The CLEAR Campaign Does Not Seek To "Weaken The Cannabis Laws"

The Manchester magistrate story rumbles on. Today, Peter Hitchens deals with it in his Mail On Sunday column.

The Sick And Twisted Minds Of Peter Hitchens And Gil Kerlikowske

Hitchens and Kerlikowske are both in the business of untruth.

Peter Reynolds, LBC Radio, 5th April 2013

Aasmah Mir interviews Peter Reynolds and Peter Hitchens about cannabis.

On the Rare Occasion That Peter Hitchens Quotes Evidence He Deserves A Response

According to the UN, between 119 million and 224 million users worldwide aged 15-64 use cannabis.