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Daily Telegraph Forced To Retract False Claim That "Cannabis As Addictive As Heroin"

On 7th October 2014, the UK media indulged in a frenzy of misreporting and reefer madness, claiming that "cannabis as addictive as heroin".

The Daily Telegraph Judged 'Inaccurate, Misleading And Distorted' On Cannabis Reporting

The Press Complaints Commission has upheld CLEAR's complaint about The Daily Telegraph's appalling misreporting in April 2014 of a study on the brains of cannabis users.

How Can An Elected Police Commissioner Be So Ignorant About Cannabis?

It is astonishing that an elected official can display such ignorance and crass prejudice.

PCC Complaint. The Daily Mail, 13th June 2013

The article quotes Mary Brett, trustee of Cannabis Skunk Sense, and so is clearly unbalanced.

BBC Responds To CLEAR Complaints On Cannabis Coverage

CLEAR complained to the BBC about its website and Radio London coverage of the Hyde Park 420 event

A CLEAR Submission To The Editors' Code Of Practice Committee

CLEAR has submitted a proposal to the Editors' Code of Practice Committee for two amendments to the code.

It's All In The Headline - Unless It's A Complaint

It is a fact that headlines, particularly in the Daily Mail, can never be relied on as truthful.

So Where Now? Where Should Our Focus Be Most CLEAR?

The cannabis campaign has been shooting itself in the foot for far too long.

The Sun Monkeys With The Truth

This headline in the Sun may be accurate but it is deliberately misleading.