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CLEAR, The British Medicinal Cannabis Campaign and UK CBD Combine To Offer Media Briefings.

Medicinal cannabis is certain to rise to the top of the UK news agenda in forthcoming weeks as a new Coronation Street storyline unfolds.

Medicinal Cannabis AdVan Campaign in London

Join the campaign for medicinal cannabis on a doctor's prescription.

Chemist + Druggist: A New Generation Of Drug

Pressure is growing for the government to legalise and fund the use of medicinal cannabis.

While Medicinal Cannabis Flourishes Worldwide, NICE Seeks To Exclude The Only UK Option

The inevitable consequence of this NICE recommendation will be to drive patients back to the illicit cannabis market.

BBC Radio Sussex On Medicinal Cannabis. Norman Baker Responds

Today, BBC Radio Sussex took a serious look at medicinal cannabis. Presenter Neil Pringle looked in particular at high CBD cannabis oil as a treatment for epilepsy.

At Last, UK Newspapers Catch Up With The Miracle Of Medicinal Cannabis

Is this the breakthrough moment when Britain will realise the dramatic potential that cannabis has for improving the nation's health?

Letter To The Times On Drugs Policy, 11th June 2013

The continuing prohibition of cannabis is based on vested interests, particularly the opposition of the alcohol industry.

Sativex In Britain 2013. Sarah Martin

This short film that will do a wonderful job of telling the truth about medicinal cannabis

Ken Clarke At The HASC Drugs Inquiry

A guest article by DisqusCannabis

BBC Taken In By The Sativex Scam

Dominic Littlewood needs to face up to the fact that this time he was the one who was conned.