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UK Cannabis Policy Creates Slave Trade. Theresa May Pretends She Cares

If Ms May continues with her present policy, cannabis prices will continue to rise, there will be more human trafficking and more violence.

Beaten. Raped. Starved. The Teenage 'Ghosts' Behind British Cannabis Trade

By George Arbuthnott, The Sunday Times, 25th August 2013

News Release - Corby By-Election - Cannabis Prohibition Has Created A Massive Crime Wave In Britain

Organised crime gangs have taken a grip and their methods have become more violent and more unscrupulous.

Why Are So Many MPs Incapable Of Common Sense On Drugs?

Politicians need to accept that they have got this policy wrong, for too long.

The Future Of Cannabis In Britain Is CLEAR

Last Thursday, 24th March 2011, the latest ballot of the membership of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance closed. By a two-thirds to one-third majority the members voted to adopt a new constitution and to change the party's name. From that moment on we are known as Cannabis Law Reform or CLEAR.