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CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel. Fourth Delegation To Parliament.

George Freeman MP, the Life Sciences Minister, meets a CLEAR delegation at the Department of Health.

Andrew Cox. House of Lords Cannabis Conference, July 2014

Andrew attended the cannabis conference held in the House of Lords on 23rd July 2014 and this is the way he saw it.

Peter Reynolds To Speak At House Of Lords Cannabis Conference

Cannabis regulation: the world is moving forward, what is stopping us?

Highlights From House Of Lords Debate On Drugs Policy

Highlights From House Of Lords Debate On Drugs Policy.

The ProHos Are Losing And They're Fighting Like Alley Cats

Don't doubt that the DEA is behind all this. It is an autonomous, extrajudicial army that answers to no one, certainly not the US president.

Why Cannabis Doesn't Kill

Prof. Les Iversen, chair of the ACMD and the government's chief drugs adviser says cannabis is simply not as dangerous as it is being made out to be.

PCC Complaint. The Mail On Sunday, 13th March 2011 - NOT UPHELD

----- Original Message -----From: Peter ReynoldsTo: Saturday, March 19, 2011 6:25 PMSubject: Complaint against The Mail On Sunday, issue dated 13th March 2011