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Top UK Soap ‘Coronation Street’ To Run Medicinal Cannabis Storyline

A positive Coronation Street storyline will give the cowards in the Department of Health and the refuseniks in the Home Office a way out.

Another Pack Of Lies On Cannabis From The UK Government.

The Home Office has been systematically lying and misleading the British people about cannabis for at least 50 years.

The Weak And Ineffectual Response Of Most MPs To The Cannabis Debate

CLEAR has been mobilising its members as never before to lobby their MPs in advance of the cannabis debate on 12th October.

This Is How The UK Government Lies To Its Citizens About Cannabis.

The preposterous response from the UK government to the massive petition for the legalisation of cannabis is a pack of lies.

Now The Cannabis Petition Has Passed 200,000, What Can You Do Next?

Many, perhaps most MPs are incapable of dealing with this issue on a rational basis.

The Man Who Smashed UK Cannabis Prohibition – And Looks Set To Do The Same In America.

In the cannabis campaign, it’s virtually compulsory to abuse, defame and promote conspiracy theories about GW Pharmaceuticals

CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel. Fifth Delegation To Parliament

A further delegation from CLEAR met with Lynne Featherstone, the new Home Office Drugs minister

CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel. Fourth Delegation To Parliament.

George Freeman MP, the Life Sciences Minister, meets a CLEAR delegation at the Department of Health.

Bigotry, Cruelty, Repression And Evidence-Free Drugs Policy From Theresa May

Theresa May, Home Secretary speaking to the HASC

CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel. Third Delegation To Parliament

Today, six members of the CLEAR Medicinal Cannabis Users Panel met with Dr Sarah Woolaston MP, chair of the Health Select Committee.