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Talking Cannabis In Parliament.

Peter Reynolds, president of CLEAR, met with Norman Lamb MP, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for health, for an update on the cannabis campaign.

Daily Telegraph Forced To Retract False Claim That "Cannabis As Addictive As Heroin"

On 7th October 2014, the UK media indulged in a frenzy of misreporting and reefer madness, claiming that "cannabis as addictive as heroin".

EXCLUSIVE. Norman Baker Interview

Peter Reynolds interviews Norman Baker about drugs policy and his experience of government.

Ministers High On Their War On Drugs Need A Speedy Cure

Britain will soon be to drugs what Ireland is to abortion, in a dark ages zone.

Cannabis is Neither 'Harmless' Nor 'Dangerous'

Both of these arguments are false. Neither deals honestly with the evidence nor advances the cause of reducing the harms of cannabis and cannabis policy.

What's The Truth Behind The 'Children Addicted To Cannabis' Story?

Despite current policy proving to be disastrous, our government refuses even to consider any change.

The Cannabis Deniers

Let's make the truth about cannabis CLEAR.

Britain Is Backwards on Drugs Policy Because Cameron Is A Coward

How many more people must die before Cameron acts as he must know that he should?

Put That In Your Pipe, Mrs May. The Sunday Times 13th October 2013

CANNABIS and some "club drugs" could be legalised in a Home Office shake-up of drugs policy proposed by Liberal Democrat ministers.