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The Corby Experience

Taking part in the democratic process in the UK in 2012

News Release - Corby By-Election - The Police: A Force To Trust Or A Trust That Has Been Broken?

Prohibition demands compliance from everyone and the only way to enforce it is to monitor each and every one of us.

CLEAR Party Political Broadcast For The Corby & East Northants By-Election

News Release - Corby By-Election - CLEAR Calls For Real Controls On Cannabis

There is no control over who sells cannabis, where it's sold from or who it is sold to.

News Release - Corby By-Election -The Great Skunk Scare

Skunk cannabis is a product of prohibition, one of the many unintended consequences caused by irrational and dangerous drugs policies.

News Release - Corby By-Election - Cut Violent Crime. Cut Alcohol Abuse. Cannabis Is Safer and Healthier

Alcohol is a poison which is six times more likely to cause mental health problems than cannabis. (Source: HES, Atha et al 2011, NHS)

News Release - Corby By-Election - Cannabis Legalised In Colorado And Washington State

Peter Reynolds said: "Today is an historic day. The people have spoken. No longer does the great immoral evil of prohibition dominate our world."

News Release - Corby By-Election - Cannabis Prohibition Has Created A Massive Crime Wave In Britain

Organised crime gangs have taken a grip and their methods have become more violent and more unscrupulous.

News Release - Corby By-Election - UK Cannabis Policy Fails To Protect Children

Britain now has more children using cannabis at a younger age than almost anywhere else in the world.

News Release - Corby By-Election - The UK Policy On Medicinal Cannabis Is Dishonest And Cruel

Britain is one of only two countries in Europe that denies traditional medicinal cannabis to its residents.