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EXCLUSIVE. Norman Baker Interview

Peter Reynolds interviews Norman Baker about drugs policy and his experience of government.

Cannabis is Neither 'Harmless' Nor 'Dangerous'

Both of these arguments are false. Neither deals honestly with the evidence nor advances the cause of reducing the harms of cannabis and cannabis policy.

Decriminalisation Is A Useful Stepping Stone Towards A Drugs Policy That Will Actually Work

If decriminalisation of drug possession isn't followed up swiftly by legal regulation then it threatens even greater danger than prohibition.

Chemist + Druggist: A New Generation Of Drug

Pressure is growing for the government to legalise and fund the use of medicinal cannabis.

Cannabis Law Reform Is Not About "Getting High"

Colorado, Washington and Uruguay haven't legalised because of badly framed, poorly informed arguments like this.

Could The Cannabis Patch Make It In The UK?

Victor Hamilton's 'Canniderm' transdermal cannabis patch is a genius idea and is now actually happening in Colorado.

Stoners Can't Stop Reinforcing Negative Stereotypes

Marches, demos, 'smoke outs', 'smoke ups' and 'smoke ins' don't work. They reinforce all the negative stereotypes that put the public right off.

Horrible Pictures From Hyde Park Cause Dreadful Damage To Cannabis Campaign

If I wanted to plan how to subvert and undermine the campaign, yesterday in Hyde Park would be a good model.

Matt Smith: But At What Cost? Will Legal Cannabis Lose Its Soul?

With legalisation tantalisingly close, what will be the nature of "Cannabis Culture"?

Another Mumsy Times Columnist Gets Sanctimonious And Silly About Cannabis

If you have any interest in the cannabis issue, whether you use it yourself or not, you'll probably find this infuriating.