CLEAR does not advocate, condone, or encourage breaking the law. It exists to promote a change in the law by legitimate means. All information on this website should be viewed in this context.

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CLEAR Leadership Election. Call For Nominations

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform calls for nominations for candidates to stand for election as party leader.

Going Green? A Photo Project By Celebrity Photographers Amit And Naroop

We are looking to photograph 25 portraits of people who believe the UK should legalise cannabis.

Heroes Of The Cannabis Campaign

These two men are true heroes, fighting not just for themselves but for others to expose the cruelty of this terrible denial of access to medicine.

Southampton Airport: Border Agency Confiscates Prescribed Bedrocan Medicinal Cannabis

CLEAR member George Hutchings was issued with a written warning and advised that he has one month to appeal against the confiscation.

Peter Reynolds, BBC Radio Northampton, 19th November 2013

Peter Reynolds speaks to Helen Blaby about cannabis after a police crackdown in Daventry.

How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain. The CLEAR Plan Version 2.0

CLEAR has published a revised and updated version 2.0 of its plan for the regulation of cannabis in Britain.

Access Medicinal Cannabis. Stage 1

How to access legal medicinal cannabis.

Complaint To South Yorkshire Police Concerning Inspector Paul Ferguson's Statement On Cannabis

"This complaint is predicated on the fact that for at least 80 years the UK government through its departments and agencies such as the police has systematically misled and deceived the public about cannabis."

Peter Reynolds, BBC World Have Your Say, 1st August 2013

Peter Reynolds joins a panel on the BBC World Service to discuss the Uruguay congress vote to regulate cannabis.

The Big Debate. Should We Relax Cannabis Laws?

North West Evening Mail, 4th July 2013