CLEAR does not advocate, condone, or encourage breaking the law. It exists to promote a change in the law by legitimate means. All information on this website should be viewed in this context.

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For All The Hysteria About Cannabis And Psychosis, Here Are The Facts.

In public health terms, ‘cannabis psychosis’ is virtually unheard of

The Daily Mail Uses Terrorism To Promote Its Bizarre Ideology.

The Daily Mail and Jihadi John share the same ideas on how to persuade people to their bizarre and distorted world view

Who Is This Self-Serving Impostor Who Pretends To Be A LibDem?

Who is Jeremy Browne? What has he ever done of value? Why is he pretending to be a LibDem?

Two Cautionary Tales For The Cannabis Campaign

More "crazy stoner" claims that cannabis cures cancer and foul abuse of a well-intentioned scientist

Why Is Cannabis Still Prohibited In Britain?

Why is cannabis still banned when all the scientific, medical, intellectual, moral and public health arguments have been won?

Between "Reefer Madness" And "Crazy Stoner", Is The CLEAR Path To Reform

The CLEAR path to reform is represented by an ever-increasing number of MPs from all parties who are realising the truth about cannabis.

A CLEAR Future

CLEAR is now the largest, membership based, democratically run drug reform group that Britain has ever seen. We are making history.

Review Of 2011. Part Two

From April until September

Reefer Madness In A Final Frenzy

We are witnessing the death throes of prohibition while its advocates make a desperate and frantic last stand, their final frenzy.

The ProHos Are Losing And They're Fighting Like Alley Cats

Don't doubt that the DEA is behind all this. It is an autonomous, extrajudicial army that answers to no one, certainly not the US president.

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