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Cannabis Law Reform Is Not About "Getting High"

Colorado, Washington and Uruguay haven't legalised because of badly framed, poorly informed arguments like this.

CLEAR, The Leading UK Drug Policy Reform Group, Passes 100,000 Facebook Followers

We're getting close to having as many followers as all other UK drug policy reform groups combined.

Stoners Can't Stop Reinforcing Negative Stereotypes

Marches, demos, 'smoke outs', 'smoke ups' and 'smoke ins' don't work. They reinforce all the negative stereotypes that put the public right off.

The Fight For Medicinal Cannabis Reaches Parliament

Keith Vaz MP, chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, agrees that an inquiry will be held into medicinal cannabis.

Access Medicinal Cannabis. Stage 1

How to access legal medicinal cannabis.

Complaint To South Yorkshire Police Concerning Inspector Paul Ferguson's Statement On Cannabis

"This complaint is predicated on the fact that for at least 80 years the UK government through its departments and agencies such as the police has systematically misled and deceived the public about cannabis."

Peter Reynolds, BBC World Have Your Say, 1st August 2013

Peter Reynolds joins a panel on the BBC World Service to discuss the Uruguay congress vote to regulate cannabis.

The Big Debate. Should We Relax Cannabis Laws?

North West Evening Mail, 4th July 2013

No Mr Hitchens, The CLEAR Campaign Does Not Seek To "Weaken The Cannabis Laws"

The Manchester magistrate story rumbles on. Today, Peter Hitchens deals with it in his Mail On Sunday column.