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Stoners Can't Stop Reinforcing Negative Stereotypes

Marches, demos, 'smoke outs', 'smoke ups' and 'smoke ins' don't work. They reinforce all the negative stereotypes that put the public right off.

The Truth About Cannabis Is CLEAR

Recent expert research shows...

Cameron And Merkel, Untruths And Deception. How Their Lies About Cannabis Reveal The Truth About Them

Cameron and Merkel hold the people of Britain and Germany in the deepest contempt.

Reefer Madness In A Final Frenzy

We are witnessing the death throes of prohibition while its advocates make a desperate and frantic last stand, their final frenzy.

The Daily Mail And The Press Complaints Commission Sink Deeper Into The Gutter

The Daily Mail is now squarely in the dock alongside its co-conspirator the PCC.

The ProHos Are Losing And They're Fighting Like Alley Cats

Don't doubt that the DEA is behind all this. It is an autonomous, extrajudicial army that answers to no one, certainly not the US president.

A CLEAR Plan For The Regulation Of Cannabis In Britain

Today, CLEAR is publishing the two most significant documents ever for the British cannabis movement.

Cameron On Cannabis Part 8

I can call newspaper editors to account, even judges but for you, our prime minister, it seems there is no accountability at all.

The Sativex Scam part 1

This is the first part of a series of articles that will investigate the Sativex Scam, a huge confidence trick perpetrated by GW Pharmaceuticals.

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