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This Is How The UK Government Lies To Its Citizens About Cannabis.

The preposterous response from the UK government to the massive petition for the legalisation of cannabis is a pack of lies.

Decriminalisation Is A Useful Stepping Stone Towards A Drugs Policy That Will Actually Work

If decriminalisation of drug possession isn't followed up swiftly by legal regulation then it threatens even greater danger than prohibition.

Reefer Madness Is Alive, Well And Promoted By Drug Therapy Charlatans

Confidence tricksters and rogues scaremonger vulnerable people into parting with huge amounts of money for therapy that is nothing more or less than fraud.

Les Iversen. Our Man In Havana (Whitehall), Double-0 420

Know who your friends are. It is time for the cannabis campaign in the UK to grow up.

Complaint Against Detective Chief Inspector Steve Dowson, Lancashire Police

DCI Dowson's conduct amounts to politicking and misleading the public. He is in breach of police regulations.

While The Government Cracks Down On Drugs, It Keeps Its Hands Off Big Tobacco And Big Booze

Next time your government tells you 'drugs are illegal because they're harmful' you'll know that they are lying.

A Determined And Organised Effort Must Be Made To Remove Theresa May From Office

She has no record of achievement in anything except toeing the party line.

Ketamine Linked To Irreversible Bladder Damage, Yet In A Lower Class Than Cannabis

Ketamibe is far mroe dangerous than cannabis yet in a lwer class. How can the campaign counter this injustice?

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