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PCC Confirms That Amanda Platell Is A Liar

24 Nov 2011

In an article back in July, Amanda Platell of the Daily Mail danced on Amy Winehouse's grave with a vile outburst of abuse and lies.

Platell indulged herself in the blatant falsification of scientific evidence in order to abuse Amy's memory and continue the Mail's mendacious campaign against cannabis and its hate crime against cannabis users.

The Press Complaints Commission has accepted that Platell falsified a study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. She wrote that the study "...shows conclusively that cannabis is a gateway drug to heroin, cocaine and crack." The study shows nothing of the sort. The PCC describes Platell's lies as "regrettable" but refuses to deem them a breach of the Editors' Code. The full PCC ruling can be seen with the original complaint and the article here.

To anyone familiar with the PCC's record or who has been watching the steady demolition of its integrity at the Leveson Inquiry, this will come as no surprise. Platell's dishonesty and tawdry conduct has already been mentioned at Leveson. If the inquiry does nothing else but destroy her career and reputation it will have done good work.

What must be deeply disturbing for every decent person in Britain is the coincidence between Tory spin doctors and the most cheap, dishonourable and disgraceful tabloid hacks. That Platell and Andy Coulson have both followed virtually identical career paths is something that should be of great concern to our prime minister, David Cameron. He and his party have demonstrated acute and disastrous misjudgement again and again. These are the lies, deceptions and mistakes that we know about. What other incompetence, malfeasance and dishonesty remains undiscovered?

As for the PCC, its conduct speaks for itself. It and its members are beneath contempt.

As for Platell, that her name should appear in the same context as the genius that was Amy Winehouse is appalling. That she should have the audacity to comment on Amy and continue to ply her disgusting trade through the newsagents of Britain is to our eternal shame. To compare Amy's talent to Platell's life is as comparing the sun with a turd floating in an open sewer.