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CLEAR Daily News for 2nd September 2015

Decriminalize Cannabis in West Africa (OSIWA)

Mostly young lives are unnecessarily ruined by long and unfair incarcerations, or in brutal police raids which sometimes leave suspected drug users injured or worse.

Uruguay's Cannabis Pioneer President Steps Down: Did He Shape the Industry for the Better? (Leafly)

Mujica leaves behind a grand legacy, legalisation of cannabis, a thriving economy, rising salaries and falling unemployment. He is also known for legalising abortions and gay marriage during his term.

Legal Cannabis in Arizona Would Generate $72M Yearly in Tax Revenue, New Report Says (Pheonix New Times)

Arizona would raise about $72 million in revenue annually beginning in 2019 if voters make recreational marijuana legal

A Bill to Legalise Medical Cannabis Reaches the South African Parliament (Dinafem)

If the Parliament approves this bill, even if it is limited to approving the regulation of medicinal marijuana, South Africa will already have taken the first step on the road towards legalisation.

Once Sentenced To Life In Prison For Cannabis, Jeff Mizanskey Is Now Free (The Weed Blog)

Jeff Mizanskey has served the last 21 years in a Missouri prison for non-violent cannabis only offences. He was serving a life prison sentence, with no eligibility of parole. He has been granted clemency and parole. He is now free.

Oregonians and Coloradans enjoying 'weed weddings' (

If you do plan on having a smokin' wedding such as this, you should let your caterer know in advance. According to the law no alcohol will be permitted where marijuana is available.

SFA students agree with study that student pot use is at all time high (ABC 9 KTRE)

"Higher Education" with #cannabis use passing cigarette use for the first time. #breakthetaboo

Study Finds Cannabis May Treat Acne (The Joint Blog)

"CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.”

Most Anti-Cannabis Arguments Based on Opinion Not Science, Report Finds (The Fix)

Researchers from the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) studied some of the more common anti-cannabis arguments and discovered that most of them are scientifically unfounded.

The Myth of the Violent Drug Seller has Lethal Consequences (Drug Policy Alliance)

The constant in the life of the average person who sells drugs is not violence, but poverty.

Meet Big Mike, the multi-millionaire legal marijuana entrepreneur who is trying to be the new 'King of Instagram' (Daily Mail)

Michael Straumietis, the CEO of Advanced Nutrients, is the worldwide leader in cannabis-specific nutrients. He is on his way to becoming the new King of Instagram with postings of scantily-clad ladies, private jets, and cannabis.

'Shatter': Man found with 100g of potent form of cannabis which looks like broken glass (The Independent)

Shatter is given its name due to the look and feel of the product, which is similar to broken glass. It is amber in colour and resembles toffee or honey. It is made by extracting resin from cannabis.

Palliative Care, Hospice and Cannabis: What a Wonderful World (Marijuana Investor News)

Can cannabis help keep hospice or palliative care patients more alert and more cognizant of their surroundings and the presence of loved ones?

Is CBD from Cannabis the Same as CBD from Cannabis? (Leafly)

The human body does not recognize whether a CBD compound was sourced from hemp or a high-THC strain of cannabis – all of the body’s biologic activity, interactions with various enzymes, and receptors also remains the same.

Bulgarian Court Acquits Medicinal Cannabis Grower (

Kalchev, who is diagnosed with MS, was using the plants for extracting cannabis oil to alleviate his symptoms. Judge Marinova ruled he was not guilty and said he “carried out the act out of utmost need and in the name of his health.”

Seven Everyday Things Far More Dangerous Than Cannabis (Greenflower Media)

For anybody who is still on the fence concerning the safety of cannabis consumption, here are seven things far more dangerous than weed that people consume every day without fear of legal repercussion or stigma.

State of the evidence: Cannabis use and regulation (IDPC)

Many scientists are increasingly frustrated by the disregard of scientific evidence on cannabis use and regulation. The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) has released two reports evaluating commonly heard claims.

Is cannabis more harmful than alcohol? 'No comment' says the UK government (The Independent)

Appalling response from the Home Office to a journalist's question on the relative harms of cannabis and alcohol.

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