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CLEAR Daily News for 30th November 2015

Cannabis worth more than $16 million seized in three-week police operation (Sydney Morning Herald)

Police from the State Crime Command's Drug Squad and the Police Air Wing, PolAir, have raided illegal crop sites across the commans as part of the Cannabis Eradication Program (CEP).

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders use faulty data to support cannabis reform (Washington Post)

“The statement that the prison population is mostly low-level marijuana offenders is utterly totally bogus; there is not a shred of validity in it,” said Jonathan Caulkins, a public policy professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Documentary focuses on the healing power of medicinal cannabis (The Canadian Jewish News)

Paterson, 40, says that after medicating himself with cannabis, his chronic back pain began to subside, almost immediately.

Canadian bankers still view cannabis businesses with caution (Globe and Mail)

“Legalization is on the horizon and the ultimate goal of that is to dry up the black market,”

Coventry drug dealer caught by police who spotted him cycling around on a pink bike (Coventry Telegraph)

An officer on patrol became suspicious on seeing McAleaney, with his hood up, riding a pink bicycle. He cycled off at speed, but the PC chased and caught him. He volunteered that there was ‘a load of cannabis’ in his bag.

Dutch Cities: Legalise Pot Plantations To Reduce Crime (NL Times)

The Association of Dutch Municipalities is advocating for the introduction of a municipal permits system that gives the government control over the entire cannabis chain – sale, use and production.

Newcastle University changes stance on zero tolerance approach to drugs in student halls (Chronicle Live)

The zero tolerance policy was intended to help students in terms of substance use but it actually made things worse. Even the use and/or possession of small amounts of cannabis usually led to exclusion.

Chile 'medicinal' pot-smoking mum denied access to baby (BBC)

"They have violated my rights as a mother," said Ms Ortiz, "I use this drug only for the pain in my arms, it was recommended by a medical professional to me and I am absolutely not a drug consumer."

Cannabis crop larger than a football field set on fire by Aussie police (Mashable)

Australian police have seized more than 8,500 cannabis plants, bordered by a 150 metre-long by 50 metre-wide fence on the New South Wales north coast. That's bigger than the Sydney Football Stadium, or larger than a soccer field.

Ireland is set to decriminalise drug use - should the UK? (Dazed)

People take drugs, that is a fact. Some people take drugs sometimes for recreational use, others are addicted, but in either scenario neither should be criminally prosecuted as a result.

In Pictures: Cannabis factory sparks flat blaze (Express & Star)

Officers executed a search warrant at a premises in Stanley Road, Bushbury at around 11am yesterday where a small cannabis farm was found. Some 35 plants were seized.

7 Celebrities With Their Own Line of Cannabis Products (Leafly)

Here are seven musicians that are either planning to launch their own line of cannabis products or have already debuted their infused merchandise to the public.

ANALYSIS: The Control, Regulate and Tax Cannabis Act of 2016 Balances State Interests (The Leaf Online)

The Control, Regulate and Tax Cannabis Act (CRTCA) of 2016 is proposed by ReformCA. It would de-escalate the state war on cannabis across the board and replace large swathes of the current criminal policy with a state-wide bureaucracy.

Binge-Drinking Does Major Damage to Teenage Brains, While the Media Spreads Hysteria About Pot's Risks (Alternet)

Binge-drinking damages teenage brains severely but two 2015 studies -- one of which was the largest of its kind ever -- found “no evidence for the causal influence of cannabis exposure” on teen brain damage.

Cannabis industry’s social justice challenge (The Leaf Online)

While reformers make progress in sentencing reform and cannabis legalization and feel a sense of optimism for continued progress, there is concern that poor people and communities of colour may be left behind or disadvantaged as the cannabis industry grows and gains power.

Money woes? Legalise hemp and cannabis (The State)

Laws against hemp and cannabis need to be stricken from statutes quickly.

Ohio police captain fired after wearing pro-cannabis legalisation button next to badge (Daily Mail)

Vermilion Mayor Eileen Bulan said that Captain Michael Reinheimer broke departmental rules by campaigning on a political issue while on duty at a police auction.

Recreational Cannabis: A Fringe Issue On the Cusp Of Legalisation (Civilised)

A full year before the election Trudeau distinguished between legalisation and decriminalisation and came down on the side of legalisation arguing that legalisation and regulation offered the best prospect of creating barriers to youth.

Montrose cannabis grower spared jail (The Courier)

He said the 42-year-old’s principal difficulty was with alcohol, for which he was receiving assistance.

Top 10 Craziest Cannabis Mutations (Sensi Seeds)

Pretty much everyone knows what a cannabis plant looks like, even those who don’t partake. But not many people know that cannabis is also capable of producing some weird and wonderful mutations

NHS: No, smoking skunk doesn’t actually ‘wreck your brain’ (Metro)

On Friday, the anti-drug press went wild over a study which suggested that smoking skunk cannabis, ‘Wrecks brains’. Except that’s not really what the study said, the NHS has pointed out.

Local councils call for regulated marijuana growing to keep out criminal gangs (DutchNews.NL)

‘The current situation cannot continue,’ the report states. ‘As local officials, we are experiencing major social problems.’

Association of Dutch Municipalities’ (VNG) cannabis regulation plan a small step… On the wrong path (The Stoned Society)

According to the VNG commission’s chairman Bernt Schneiders, mayor of Haarlem, up to sixty percent of all Dutch coffeeshops will have to close.

US: Federal Study Will Pay You $3,000 Per Week to Consume Cannabis (Health Cure Centre)

The research, which will take part in seven facilities across the nation, is intended to determine whether or not cannabis can be used to relieve stress and stress-related disorders.

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