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CLEAR Daily News for 29th May 2015

Mixing Booze and Pot Greatly Increases the Amount of THC in Your Blood (Time)

When the two drugs were taken together, researchers concluded that the possibility of vehicular crashes increased considerably than if only one drug was taken.

STUDY: New Cannabinoids Discovered (High Times)

The weed scientists at the University of Mississippi have discovered seven new naturally occurring cannabinoids.

A New Government But No New Approach to Drugs - It's Groundhog Day (Huffington Post)

Facetiousness and finer points aside, the proposed legislation is simply another example of why we need an overhaul of our drugs policy.

Is Your Mate Self-Medicating Mental Illness With Cannabis? (Madame Noire)

Your partner smokes weed every day. So, is he or she just enjoying themselves, or are they self-medicating a disease with the green?

Cannabis grower who started California wildfire gets more than six years (Reuters)

He watered and tended 2,090 plants from April to July 2014, when he “willfully and without authority lit fires in the vicinity of the grow site with a pink plastic lighter,” according to court documents.

Science says twenty-somethings probably shouldn’t smoke weed (Fusion)

"The benefits of cannabis are finally making their way back into the mainstream after decades of vilification. But cannabis is a complicated plant, and its effects on the adolescent brain are still largely unknown."

North Shields cabbie loses home and taxi licence after cannabis farm found (Chronicle Live)

He was evicted from his home by his landlord and North Tyneside Council revoked his taxi licence for 12 months and removed his vehicle.

The Government may have just banned everything (The Independent)

Is your mum's cooking a psychoactive substance, is a calming cup of tea? This does highlight how confused and capricious the Government's approach to drugs is.

Belgian Social Club Defends Cannabis in Court (Leafly)

Cannabis social clubs are non-profit organisations that grow and cultivate cannabis and then distribute it among club members in a safe, controlled environment.

Finnish teens ditch beer and smoking in favour of energy drinks and cannabis (YLE Uutiset)

Whereas their counterparts from 1996 would have been into smoking and drinking alcohol, today’s 19-year-old is much more likely to prefer energy drinks and cannabis.

Cannabis Legalization In Oregon 2015: Legal Weed Set To Hit Store Shelves In July, But Challenges Remain (International Business Times)

Oregon is gearing up for its grand opening into the retail marijuana business, but when exactly the first recreational pot transactions will be made is anyone’s guess.

IrresponsibleOhio: Group Aims to Monopolize Legal Cannabis Market (High Times)

A group of ambitious capitalists in Ohio, under the name of ResponsibleOhio, want to amend the state constitution to give them control of the legal cannabis market in the state.

‘It is absurd that dagga is still illegal in South Africa' (Business Day)

There is intense lobbying for the legalisation of the common South African weed and equally vehement groups that want its possession and use to remain a criminal offence.

'Legal highs' ban plan criticised by drugs charities (BBC)

"If you try to ban legal highs we'll drive it underground like heroin, cocaine and cannabis," said a former deputy chief constable of North Wales Police.

Psychoactive substances ban will 'end brain research' in Britain, experts warn (The Guardian)

The government’s plans are the reverse of the route many researchers and campaigners have been urging. A day before the bill was announced, one of Britain’s top psychiatrists called for some psychedelic drugs to be downgraded.

Archaeologists discover 2,400-year-old solid gold 'bongs' used by kings to smoke cannabis at ceremonies (Daily Mail)

Criminologists have since carried out tests which indicate that the thick, black residue found inside the vessels comes from the cannabis and opium which the tribal royal smoked.

'Sophisticated' drugs gang jailed for 25 years after police discover their stash of £6million worth of cannabis (Evening Standard)

The gang disguised the cannabis, which had been imported from Spain, as glass shipments by separating the crates with mirrors and glass panes.

Feds Tell Their Employees To Stay Away From Cannabis, Even In States That Have Legalized (Huffington Post)

Federal employees are also subject to the Drug-Free Workplace Act guidelines, which ban the use of any illegal drugs, on and off duty.

Judge says cannabis farms "endemic" in Liverpool after jailing man who grew plants worth £29,000 to pay off a debt (Liverpool Echo)

“Not a week passes by when if I’m not dealing with a trial, I’m dealing with one or two, sometimes three cases like this.”

Psychedelicatessen: Cannabis Cupcake Madness (High Times)

Welcome to Psychedelicatessen, a weekly column exploring the world of cannabis cuisine, including recipes from the great chefs and ganjapreneurs who fuel our appetite for adventure.

Dr Miriam Stoppard warns of the dangers of legalising cannabis and the effect it could have on children (The Mirror)

Writing in her column in todays Daily Mirror, the 78-year-old says "it's not a pretty picture" as the US deals with the consequences of legalisation.

Upcoming business. Wednesday, 17 June 2015. Lords: Main Chamber. Reclassification of cannabis to enable use for medicinal purposes (

Baroness Molly Meacher has an oral question scheduled for Wednesday 17th June 2015 in the House of Lords main chamber on reclassification of cannabis to enable use for medicinal purposes

Dr. Manny: Why we need more efficient yet properly regulated medical cannabis research (Fox News)

Smart Approaches to Marijuana appears to be the first of its kind to make moves that would hopefully allow for more efficient research of medical marijuana and its component cannabidiol (CBD).

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