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CLEAR Daily News for 7th October 2015

Shokat Ali loses his fight against cancer despite cannabis treatment (Birmingham Mail)

Tributes to Sparkbrook teacher who flew to the US for care not available in UK. He flew out to America for the cannabis oil treatment in August after being given months to live by medics in the UK.

Canada: Conservative pot stance 'complete nonsense' (Toronto Metro)

“At the levels and patterns of use reported by most adult cannabis users, the health risks are modest, significantly lower than tobacco or alcohol,” the report said.

The Secret History of Cannabis in Japan (Global Research)

“Most Japanese people see cannabis as a subculture of Japan but they’re wrong. For thousands of years cannabis has been at the very heart of Japanese culture.”

The Medical Minute: How Cannabis Could Help Solve the Substance Abuse Epidemic (Leafly)

Realising the potential cannabis has to change lives for the better can be the difference between life and death for many people, and that is anything but an exaggeration.

Victorian pharmacists to play pivotal medicinal cannabis role (AJP Online)

“Having pharmacists acknowledged as best-placed to dispense medicinal cannabis is welcomed as it ensures that medicines experts are available to advise and counsel patients using these products.”

American prisons to free 6,000 drug traffickers in biggest-ever inmate release (Daily Telegraph)

The men and women will be freed as part of a plan to reduce overcrowding. America is the world's biggest jailer, and a quarter of the whole world's prison population is in the United States – with 2.2 million people behind bars.

Baroness Molly Meacher on legalising medicinal cannabis in the UK (PressReader)

Baroness Molly Meacher has worked closely with CLEAR members on obtaining prescribed Bedrocan medicinal cannabis from Holland. She explains her position on medicinal and recreational cannabis

VIDEO: Should cannabis be legalised? (Pamphlet TV)

Peter Reynolds, president of CLEAR, interviewed on the upcoming cannabis debate in Parliament and the state of UK cannabis policy.

Ohio man calls cops to complain he got too high on cannabis, police find him in fetal position (Fox 59)

The newspaper reports that the man told officers he couldn’t feel his hands.

New York State Moves Closer To Growing Industrial Hemp (MyTwinTiers)

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo says the State Agriculture Department has released regulations for the pilot program that will allow universities in the state to apply for 10 licenses to grow and study hemp.

Police raid cannabis farm in West Dorset (Western Morning News)

“Sadly for the growers it would appear we have just beaten them to the mark by nipping this in the bud and harvesting the cannabis before them." said Inspector Mike Darby

Stephen Harper says cannabis is ‘infinitely worse’ than tobacco. Is it? (Times Colonist)

Cannabis does carry health risks and there is growing medical evidence about long-term health effects, but there is “a lot of baloney” when it comes to cannabis being “infinitely worse” than tobacco.

The sweet smell of Amsterdam … and it's not just cannabis, say odour mappers (The Guardian)

Instead of just cannabis, what 44 urban smellwalkers uncovered was a vast range of 650 perceived scents, some belonging to the city and others more in line with expectations of walks in the countryside or a meander in a foreign land.

Is Colorado Trying to Shut Down Its Medical Cannabis Program? (High Times)

The idea that Colorado could be working to drive medical cannabis patients into the recreational sector, of course, has generated an almost riotous response from the public.

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