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CLEAR Daily News for 4th July 2015

Denver activists campaign to allow cannabis consumption in bars (The Guardian)

The pot they consume would have to be edible, or if smoked, consumed on an outside patio, matching the way cigarette smoking is regulated now.

Ire: Public to have say on legality of drugs (Irish Examiner)

The Oireachtas Justice Committee is seeking submissions from people and organisations on alternatives to the current model of criminalisation.

Cannabis activists go looking for Gregor Robertson at Vancouver City Hall (Georgia Straight)

Many cannabis activists and members of our community were horrified by the actions of the police on Cannabis day.

Ian Mulgrew: Time to become serious about legalization of pot (Vancouver sun)

Vancouver should be leading the broad group of serious, well-placed people who already recognize the prohibition must end.

HEALTH: ‘Legalise cannabis,’ says Labour peer GP (Islington Tribune)

CANNABIS should be legalised to improve research into its medicinal qualities. Lord Nicolas Rea of Eskdale, who worked as a GP for 25 years, said the country was “crying out” for a change in the law.

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