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CLEAR Daily News for 13th February 2016

Drug Warriors Are Losing Online (

The U.S. government lost the battle to control the conversation, and the open speech found online won.

Cannabis clubs set for four Swiss cities (The Local)

The cities of Zurich, Basel, Bern and Geneva have agreed to participate in the projects, which have been discussed for some time by a municipal working group, broadcaster SRF reported on Friday.

Two Month Old Youngest Ever To Be Treated with Cannabis Oil (Weedhorn)

This oil (Charlotte's Web) is ideal for children as it has virtually no THC, yet is high in CBD.

Five New Discoveries That Will Shake Up Our Understanding of Cannabis (Drug Policy Alliance)

New scientific discoveries are published almost daily rebuking the government’s assertion that the herb is a highly dangerous substance lacking therapeutic efficacy.

Cannabis Concentrates: Green Salvation or a Sticky Mess? (Huff Post Politics)

When a game changer of a preparation like BHO comes along, conveniently supported by a flourishing and uber cool vaping industry you have to evaluate what the impact is.

VIDEO: 'No-one's died from cannabis' - Baroness Meacher (RT)

High profile MPs and peers are calling for reform on drugs policy as part of people's human rights.

CBD Is The Chemical Medicinal Cannabis Is Buzzing About (Huffington Post)

"CBD's anti-inflammatory properties may be particularly appealing to chronic pain sufferers who want to remain clear-headed while medicated."

What’s the best way to destroy violent gangs? Legalise the drugs (

"Every few years we see gangs flare up against one another and dramatic killings ensue. The main currency propelling these gangs is the supply and sale of illicit drugs, from cannabis to crack."

Omagh man to spearhead new cannabis campaign (Ulster Herald)

Rendered an epileptic from brain surgery the Omagh man says his intake of cannabis oil has already resulted in a notable reduction in the number of seizures he suffers from. “It has given me my personality back as well,” Kieran remarked.

Coronation Street: Viewers praise show for medicinal cannabis storyline (Daily Express)

Many audience members took to social media to praise the programme makers for tackling such a controversial issue.

Why Cannabis Is The Perfect Aphrodisiac (Civilised)

"Wondering how to have the best night ever with your darling on Valentines's Day? It's no secret that cannabis relaxes you and makes everything feel like all is right with the world, but did you know it can actually make sex better?"

Celiac Disease And #Cannabis: Is Help At Hand? (The Stoner's Cookbook)

"Many doctors will recommend indica strains to patients suffering from Celiac Disease. Indica is known for helping to relax the muscles; slowing down muscle contractions helps to ease stomach pain and makes for easier digestion."

Stockton cannabis grower is spared jail - because he was so bad at it (Gazette Live)

The judge and prosecutor and even his lawyer all agreed that Joshua Hughes’s 40 cannabis plants were too puny to ever be worth harvesting.

Dutch medicinal cannabis grower acquitted (Sensi Seeds)

The court agreed with the defence that Hillebrand cultivated cannabis as an essential supplement to his HIV medication and definitely not for financial gain.

10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Cannabis Couples (High Times)

You already have an awesome significant other, so show him or her that you care this year with one of these unique stony date ideas!

Pot Matters: Trump on Cannabis (High Times)

The most interesting comment that Trump made about his position was that “in some ways, I think [legalisation] s good.”

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