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CLEAR Daily News for 3rd September 2015

US: 11 States Most Likely to Legalize Cannabis Next (247 wallstreet)

In most of the 11 states that may soon legalize marijuana, recent polls have been conducted showing a majority of residents support some form of legalization.

Only Comprehensive Regulation Protects Cannabis Businesses (Huff Post Business)

Only comprehensive regulation provides legal protections for companies in the cannabis space.

The Three Biggest Obstacles to Medical Cannabis Even Where It's Legal (Drug Policy Alliance)

As a cohesive whole, the medical marijuana system in the U.S. has many limitations and is inconsistent.

Updated And Expanded: NORML’s Emerging Clinical Applications For Cannabis & Cannabinoids (NORML)

A comprehensive review of the latest peer-reviewed science specific to the safety and therapeutic efficacy of whole-plant cannabis and/or its components.

The Business Case for Legalizing Weed in Rhode Island (Citylab)

Proposed legislation in Rhode Island would take the next big steps and legalize and regulate the possession, use, cultivation and sales.

Hunting Moroccan hashish in the Strait of Gibraltar (Yahoo)

The futile war on cannabis grinds on.

We Have No Idea What Kind Of Cannabis We’re Buying (Modern Farmer)

As cannabis takes its place as a high-value, legal cash crop, it’s going to need some serious regulation to ensure safety and reliability.

Cannabis medical test 'would never be accepted', says Health Minister (Jersey Evening Post)

Health Minister Andrew Green has responded 'All the evidence we have at the moment is that the long-term negatives are not acceptable for the short-term benefits.’

US: Vermont House Speaker Announces Support for Legalizing Cannabis (The Joint Blog)

"We’ve seen what has happened in Colorado and Washington, and we can learn from their experiences.”

Judge OKs Medical Cannabis Use in Cannabis for 1st Time (Fox News)

"What makes this significant is the departure from a policy of prohibiting all cannabis-related conduct".

US: Arthritis Society offers guide for medical cannabis (Vancouver Sun)

The national patient advocacy and research organization created “Medical Cannabis: A guide to access” and explanatory videos to help people with arthritis.

Nearly Two Years Later, Here's How Legal Weed Is Working Out for Uruguay (

Legalising the growth of up to six plants for personal use and establishing "cannabis clubs" that can grow significantly more are off to a brisk start. But due to a series of setbacks, the state-run pharmacies are running behind schedule.

How Would a Hillary Clinton Presidency Affect the Cannabis Movement? (Leafly)

For cannabis proponents Clinton is looking less and less like the candidate of choice. She remains mum on whether she supports legalisation, sticking to the call for more research and evidence.

The Science Behind Cannabis And The Brain (Cashinbis)

Potbotics, a biotechnology company based in New York, is successfully implementing a wireless EEG helmet that allows the capture of brainwaves in an effort to study how different cannabis strains affect the patient.

Is it time to bring your bong to Baalbek? (Al-Monitor)

The issue of growing cannabis and destroying it keeps repeating itself; farmers are well aware that they are violating the law but a lack of time and the large quantities of cannabis blocks the security services from being able to destroy it.

The CLEAR Guide To Lobbying MPs (CLEAR)

Whether or not you voted for your local MP, or even agree with their political views, you can lobby them to gain their help with your campaign. You can request a meeting at anytime. The easiest way, however, is to request an appointment during their 'surgery' hours.

Petition calling for legalisation of cannabis ignored (Bath Chronicle)

The Government has said it will not reconsider the law on cannabis despite a petition calling for the drug to be made legal.

Group seeks to legalize marijuana in Florida (Orlando Sentinel)

A political action committee called Floridians For Freedom, associated with a longtime marijuana advocacy group called the Florida Cannabis Action Network, announced Tuesday it has gotten state approval to begin seeking signatures to get their measure on the November, 2016, ballot.

The "M" Word (Harborside Health Center)

Why do we choose not to use the term "marijuana"? The answer lies in the roots of the phrase, and our dedication to changing the perception of cannabis to one of wellness and healing

Willie Nelson definitely smoked weed on the roof of the White House with Jimmy Carter's Son (Vice)

Besides ruminating on his own weird sleeping habits, Nelson also casually confirmed a rumor that's been following the Red-Headed Stranger around for decades—that he smoked weed on the White House roof with then-President Jimmy Carter's son.

Video: Dear Mr Harper, Smoke On This (Harpoon 2015)

An impressive insight into the Canadian legalisation effort and the prevalence of the use of cannabis in the country.

Marijuana legalization a 'terrible idea,' says GOP presidential hopeful John Kasich (M Live)

"It sends mixes messages to young people about drugs," Kasich told on Tuesday as he wrapped up a two-day swing through Michigan. "I don't think we should do that. We need to tell young people to stay off drugs."

Is cannabis less harmful than alcohol? No comment, says Government (North Devon Journal)

With the obligatory Government response issued, the petition may or may not go to parliamentary debate. The House of Lords has described the UK drugs laws as "a laughing stock".

This Man Dubbed The ‘Dan Bilzerian Of Weed’ Truly Lives The High Life (Elite Daily)

"The man dubbed the “Dan Bilzerian of weed” is the latest viral sensation giving us new life goals and making us completely sick by swagging off on another level."

Marijuana-infused Wine: Cannabis Adds Flavor, Structure to Wine (New Indian Express)

Cannabis wine is available and legal in America, and probably will become increasingly so in the years to come.

Science Finally Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells And It's Pretty Amazing (The India Times)

A molecular biologist, Dr Christina Sanchez, at the Compultense University in Madrid (Spain) spells out the exact mechanism at work, wherein the THC - "the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant" - completely destroys the cancer cells.

Grandma Built A Pot Shop -- Now She Wants To Sell It (Forbes)

While many retirees spend time in their gardens, 82-year-old Florence Childs has chosen to work with another kind of plant. In 2014 she won the license for, and created the Top Shelf recreational cannabis store near Spokane Washington.

Refugees Petition Overtakes Cannabis Petition - And Quite Right Too. (

Even as it overtakes the cannabis petition, CLEAR welcomes the massive response to the petition to "Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK". This is a correct priority, something the UK government seems incapable of on any issue.

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