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CLEAR Daily News for 23rd May 2015

Respected family caught running cannabis factory with 115 plants from their plush North Wales B&B (Wales Online)

In a plot which had echoes of cult US TV show Breaking Bad, high school chemistry teacher Susan McKay, 58, hatched a “ridiculous” plan to grow cannabis after suffering personal tragedies and financial woes.

New cannabis coffee lets drinkers start their day on a “high note” (The Plaid Zebra)

"The more that cannabis can be consumed in forms that are familiar to broader populations, the more interesting it’s going to become to a mass market."

Recently Appointed Drug Minister Should Mend Failed Policy (Huff Post)

With the recent electoral win of the Conservative Party, and the collapse of the Liberal Democrats, drug policy has changed hands.

As N.J. family fights for edible cannabis in school, Colorado makes it legal (

Colorado legislators approved a bill that allows students who are registered medical marijuana patients to use edible cannabis products in school, so long as they are administered by a parent or an approved caregiver.

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