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General Election Aftermath - Have The Lights Gone Out All Over The Country?

They may not want to even consider the idea of drug law reform in any way shape or form but we know there is a real world outside

Drugs Policy Goes To Police Minister

Penning is on record as a hardliner on drugs policy.

The UK Drugs Stategy Is In Limbo

Who is to be the new drugs minister? No word yet from David Cameron.

I Have Had The Most Terrible Post-Election Nightmare.

Our principal allies on the Liberal Democrat benches have all lost their seats in the General Election 2015

Shocking Misconduct By South Wales Police

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Home Affairs Select Committee Drugs Conference 12th March 2015

The Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) Drugs Conference took place in the delightful surroundings of Homerton College, Cambridge.

Channel 4 Drugs Live. How To Cause Confusion About Cannabis.

A far better, more accurate, more scientific and informative shorthand would have been to describe the cannabis as low CBD, high CBD and place

The Daily Mail Uses Terrorism To Promote Its Bizarre Ideology.

The Daily Mail and Jihadi John share the same ideas on how to persuade people to their bizarre and distorted world view

Daily Mail Highlights the Prohibition Nightmare (albeit unintentionally)

Thanks to the Mail On Sunday, proof that prohibition creates dangers where non existed before

Why CLEAR Will No Longer Be A Political Party.

The CLEAR Executive Committee is proposing a revised constitution changing our status to a lobby group.