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Prevent: Radicalisation, The Role Of Criminal Gangs And The War On Drugs.

Prohibition is enormously damaging to police community relations and diverts profits to organised crime.

How to Respond to MPs’ Standard Approach on Cannabis

During the build-up to the cannabis debate we asked CLEAR members to contact their MPs

Another Pack Of Lies On Cannabis From The UK Government.

The Home Office has been systematically lying and misleading the British people about cannabis for at least 50 years.

The Duplicity And Deceit Of UK Drugs Policy

Penning doesn’t give a damn, faces no consequences and he continues with impunity.

On The Eve Of The Cannabis Debate, CLEAR Meets Top Government Minister.

Oliver Letwin, the Cabinet Office minister with responsibility for the implementation of government policy.

The Weak And Ineffectual Response Of Most MPs To The Cannabis Debate

CLEAR has been mobilising its members as never before to lobby their MPs in advance of the cannabis debate on 12th October.

Guidance On How To Lobby Your MP For The Cannabis Debate.

Your MP works for you. You have a right to ask for their support and get a proper answer, not some standard, doublespeak brush-off.

Cannabis Debate On 12th October 2015. Now Is The Time To Contact Your MP.

The House of Commons Petitions Committee agreed to hold a debate in response to the cannabis petition on 12th October 2015

UK Government Response To Cannabis Petition: Fatuous, Dishonest And Misleading.

The government’s response to the petition is weak, out of touch with public opinion, evidence and reform that is taking place across the world

Now The Cannabis Petition Has Passed 200,000, What Can You Do Next?

Many, perhaps most MPs are incapable of dealing with this issue on a rational basis.