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Justice Minister Reveals UK Is Trialling Portuguese Approach To Drugs.

the justice minister, Andrew Selous MP, revealed he is "trialling ‘Liaison and Diversion’ services”

Prevent: Radicalisation, The Role Of Criminal Gangs And The War On Drugs.

Prohibition is enormously damaging to police community relations and diverts profits to organised crime.

The Real Dark Side Of Prohibition.

The more severe the prohibition law, the worse the "unintended consequences" are likely to become.

There Is No Scientific Evidence That Cannabis Cures Cancer In Humans – Yet.

Most of the evidence concerning cannabis and cancer is in vitro or in vivo (animals). There is virtually none in humans, only human cell lines

Shocking Misconduct By South Wales Police

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel. Third Delegation To Parliament

Today, six members of the CLEAR Medicinal Cannabis Users Panel met with Dr Sarah Woolaston MP, chair of the Health Select Committee.

EXCLUSIVE. Norman Baker Interview

Peter Reynolds interviews Norman Baker about drugs policy and his experience of government.

Why Legalising Medicinal Cannabis Is Now A Vote Winner

This is the issue that politicians can support but still be seen cautious on the controversial subject of drugs.

Medicinal Cannabis AdVan Campaign in London

Join the campaign for medicinal cannabis on a doctor's prescription.

House Of Commons, Drugs Policy Debate. VITAL You Write To Your MP

Please don't miss this opportunity! A template letter/email is provided.