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This Is The Future Of Cannabis. For Medicine, Nutrition And Pleasure.

This is the future of cannabis as a consumer product. It is cleaner, neater, handier, healthier and better for you than raw herbal cannabis.

It’s Time To Be CLEAR

The prohibition of cannabis has caused massive harm to our society.

The Man Who Smashed UK Cannabis Prohibition – And Looks Set To Do The Same In America.

In the cannabis campaign, it’s virtually compulsory to abuse, defame and promote conspiracy theories about GW Pharmaceuticals

Flowermate Vapormax V8 Vapouriser Review

I'm a newbie to the vape scene. Having given up tobacco just over six months ago, I've been resorting to an array of different pipes, all of which provide the thick, acrid smoke joint smokers are used to, albeit without the accustomed nicotine/carbon monoxide rush.

Could The Cannabis Patch Make It In The UK?

Victor Hamilton's 'Canniderm' transdermal cannabis patch is a genius idea and is now actually happening in Colorado.

Dr David Potter. The Biology And Benefits Of Cannabis

He brought a beautiful, flowering white rhino plant with him, its pungent aroma spread through the room.

Matt Smith: But At What Cost? Will Legal Cannabis Lose Its Soul?

With legalisation tantalisingly close, what will be the nature of "Cannabis Culture"?

The Great GW Pharma Confidence Trick

The UK Government Is Complicit In A Scam That Has Criminalised One Million Of Its Own Citizens, Abandoned Hundreds Of Thousands To Pain, Suffering And Disability While Allowing A Private Company Unlawfully To Gain Monopoly Control Of The Medicinal Cannabis Market.

Fascinating Facts About The Sativex Rip Off

An analysis of the cost differences between Sativex, street cannabis and Bedrocan products.