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Police raid

Cannabis Farms

Human trafficking, theft of electricity, destruction of homes, hijacking of neighbourhoods by violent gangs. This is the reality of organised crime cannabis farms.

Created by prohibition, sustained and encouraged by an irrational and corrupt government policy, they are a scourge on society.

Cannabis production, a market worth over £6 billion per annum, has been gifted to criminals by our government. In many cases the police treat individuals growing a few plants for their own use as if they were violent criminals; In a properly regulated system, thousands of new jobs would be created on licensed cannabis farms and individuals would be able to grow their own in the privacy of their home. Never has there been a clearer example of how a policy intended to protect actually causes harm. We must bring the production of cannabis under legal regulation and control.

cannabis farms

cannabis farms

cannabis farms

Hobby Growers

Many cannabis users chose to grow their own, not least because they want to avoid any contact with the criminal trade. Whilst this makes perfect sense, as far as the government and the police are concerned, a small home hobby grow of four plants is the same offence as a cannabis farm operated by hard core criminals. In order to understand and hence minimise the risks you will be taking if you decide to grow your own it is important to understand the sentencing guidelines issued to courts. See our page "Living and growing under prohibition"

Template letter to use for writing to your MP about cannabis farms

NB - It is vital to include your address and (if possible) daytime telephone number. MP's will usually only respond to metters from their own constituents

For more information about writing to your MP, see our page "write to your MP"

[Your Address]

[Your daytime phone number]


Dear [Full name of MP]

I would like to draw your attention to the issue of cannabis farms

As you will be aware there is a lot of money in the cannabis trade and this offers a big business opportunity for organised crime. Large scale cannabis farms often involve destruction of property, illegal abstraction of electricity, fire risks and perhaps even people smuggling.

You will also be aware that there are a great many small scale "hobby growers", not connected with organised crime, who grow cannabis for their own use or, on occasion, for someone who needs it medicinally. Under the law, both these groups are regarded as the same, clearly they are not

Criminal cannabis farms are a highly undesirable thing and it must be clear that even after many years of trying it hasn't been possible to eradicate them through enforcement. The fact is cannabis remains a very popular drug and the laws of supply and demand will always triumph and under the present laws these huge profits go to organised criminals and perhaps even terrorists.

Worse, under the current prohibition regime the cannabis supply industry is totally uncontrolled and unregulated. Indeed, there is no control over the strength or potency of street cannabis, nor its purity. Equally there is no control over who sells cannabis nor where form. Frankly, cannabis cannot be said to be a "controlled drug". If concerns over high potency cannabis are true, this is a highly undesirable regime.

Do you agree that this situation is unacceptable and needs to change? Surely the only way to close down these illegal farms is to provide a properly regulated legal trade?


[Your Name]