CLEAR does not advocate, condone, or encourage breaking the law. It exists to promote a change in the law by legitimate means. All information on this website should be viewed in this context.

CLEAR Campaigns

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform campaigns for an end to the prohibition of cannabis for all purposes - recreational, medicinal, spiritual and industrial. Of these, for the cannabis plant, the most pressing and most deserving of our attention is to secure the use of cannabis as medicine.

CLEAR is a law reform campaign, it is not a cannabis users club - there are plenty of organisations and groups filling that role. Our aim is to educate and inform the public, politicians and cannabis users about the harms that prohibition causes and the way proper, controlled legalisation can reduce those harms. To this end we campaign against false reporting in the media, provide harm reduction information to cannabis users and lobby government and its agencies for change.


CLEAR Medicinal User Panel

CLEAR has been running a panel of medicinal cannabis users since 2012 and it has quickly grown to be central to our campaign.

These are a group of people for whom cannabis provides a form of treatment for a variety of symptoms, and indeed in some cases, the only relief possible. They have all joined the Medicinal Users Panel to have their voices heard and together we are making that happen.

CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel


Toke Pure


The government and anti cannabis campaigners in general are usually only too eager to warn about health risks of using cannabis, although the claims they make often prove to be exaggerated or more often than not simply wrong, but for some reason they never warn consumers about a very real danger, a danger caused by mixing cannabis with a drug which is a known to be highly addictive and a carcinogen.



A CLEAR Plan to Tax and Regulate Cannabis

CLEAR has published "A CLEAR Plan for the Regulation of Cannabis In Britain" which sets out detailed proposals for a regulated system.

A CLEAR Plan to Tax and Regulate Cannabis

CLEAR Media Team

Every day there are stories in the British press about cannabis. Most concern yet another police raid on a "cannabis factory", usually involving victims of human trafficking and organised crime. Such are the horrendous costs of cannabis prohibition. Innocent lives are destroyed, property is wrecked, electricity is stolen, neighbourhoods are ruined - all because of an inane, pointless and irrational government policy.

CLEAR Media Team


Complaining About Bad reporting in the Press

It seems like every day we see a story about cannabis in a newspaper that is either plain wrong, or worse, deliberately misleading. In addition we all know there is very little we can actually do about it. Despite the outcry early in 2014 about press accountability and the promise by the government to act on the recommendations of the Leversham reportvery little, if anything, has actually changed.

CLEAR Guide To Complaining About Bad reporting in the Press